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What is the edict when you see a cute guy?

What is the edict when you see a cute guy?

In all seriousness.. What is the edict? How does one politely say..

“Excuse me, but you had the most delicious face I’ve seen all day.” without sounding like an absolute creep.

Personally, if someone said that to me, I’d be so flattered but I wouldn’t want to persist their attention. On the contrary, I think i’d be walking away in the opposite direction as fast as I possibly can.

That is unless the person who has just given you the compliment is of extreme cuteness, then a conversation and dinner (*cough Sex *cough) is warranted.

What do you do? Act cool and hope they notice you for all your inner beauty? Or do you bluntly say “I’d very much like to have sex with you” and pray they find you equally as attractive.