#1: At first you don’t succeed.


Legit. This has happened. I have a book. A real eBook.

Check it out kids. Let me know what you think.

Blake. xx

Mr Perfect’s Apprentice – #1 – At first you don’t succeed
by Dylan Henry

Mr Perfect’s Apprentice follows the Sex and the City-style adventures of Mr Blake Pritchard – a 19 year-old optimist who’s ingratiating himself with the lane ways, razzle-dazzle and café culture of Melbourne, Australia, with wide-eyed enthusiasm after breaking free of his sheltered upbringing in the country.

Through, readers witness Blake’s embracing of his new found homosexuality and his fervent attempts to meet his own Prince Charming and live with happily ever after.

With the release of the first eEp in the series – At First You Don’t Succeed – Blake undertakes one of the more awkward scenarios experienced by young (and not-so young) adults: the first date. In consecutive eEps released every two months on an ongoing basis, Blake tackles a new ‘issue’ on his personal journey to becoming Mr Perfect for Mr Right – everything from coming out to his parents and first fumbling sexual encounters to darker issues such as dealing with a broken heart and thehomophobia of others.

Mr Blake Pritchard is the creation of dancer-turned-writer Dylan Henry who, at only 20 years of age himself, takes his acute observations of the world to give Blake life beyond the author’s experiences. Blake displays the kind of boy-next-door quality that makes him relatable toboth male and females alike – regardless of sexual orientation – and expresses himself with an honesty that belies his tender age.

Jump on the Blake bandwagon right from the beginning with the first eInstalment, At First You Don’t Succeed, and fasten your seatbelts… It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.




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