Six Sentence Sunday 16th of December

Another Sunday. Another six. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Oh yeah. Please don’t judge me on this action, I was extremely pissed off and didn’t want to (well, I wanted to but chose not to) hurt the guy. I just thought destroying the one thing that he as constantly glued to his hand would.. teach him a lesson.

It was the same patronising face he pulled the first time we met all those years ago. Straight away I knew, whatever connection we had the other night, (whatever that was), it had obviously meant nothing to him. 

“Blake, why bitchy face? We’re just having a bit of fun”

I’m to angry for words. Being the fucking idiot that he is, he’s left his phone on the bar counter while he sucks face with the whore he met two minutes ago.

Once he turns around he’ll find me gone, with his phone in my full glass of wine. I too can have a bit of fun. 

As always, comments and feedback is welcomed. Please check out some talented and wonderful writers work here at ‘Six Sentence Sunday’.

Muchos love xx



  1. antoinettemsmut

    I can see his moue of despair right now, two seconds before he starts hollering for someone to get him a bag of rice to try and save his beloved phone. Great 6!

  2. J.M. Blackman

    Phone in the drink is an excellent choice, though smashing it on the ground would have been very satisfying as well. 🙂 I’d know. Love the tension. The anger feels truly authentic.


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