Six Sentence Sunday – 2nd Of December

Happy Six Sentence Sunday!

I hope everyone has had a good week. Its been an interesting week for myself with boy troubles invading my life causing drama but creating killer writing for your viewing pleasure. Good fun for all.

I wrote this part of the story after spending a night with one sexy man. You’ll discover more about this guy in Part 2 of my series ‘Second time lucky’ being released in February of next year with Part 1 “At first you don’t succeed” being released in January.

Here is this weeks six:

It’s the combination of the sunlight beaming through the cracks of the blinds and the noise of the shower that has woken me up from my luxurious sleep.

Now that it’s finally morning, I can see the hideous (probably Ikea purchased) art on his walls as well as his collection of atheist themed literature which is a slight turn off, but I’ll try not to think to much of it.

As I lye here naked on his bed I notice a note on the bedside table.

“Blake; I’ve had to run to work but call me when you wake up.”

.. If Adams at work, who the fuck is in the en suite bathroom?

Sexy Beast

I’m going to go ahead and remind you that these are all true stories. Yep. This has happened, but you won’t believe what happens next. I would like to say it was the guy in the photo, but alas that part was my imagination.

As always I’d love your feedback.

Blake xx




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