Six Sentence Sunday – 25th of November.

So I’ve got something a little special for this weeks ‘Six Sentence Sunday‘ ..

Firstly, thank you for everyones comments last week. I really appreciated them.

This is a snippet from the second instalment of my series ‘Mr Perfect’s Apprentice’ which isn’t being released until February. Not even my beautiful editor or publisher has seen this before. It’s fresh from the writing desk. Take a look:

His hand caresses my blushed red cheeks as his face gets closer toward mine. I close my eyes and simply let my lips touch his.

It might be the four wines I’ve had, but I feel my body surrender to what is happening as I feel his right hand wrap around my waist drawing me closer to his strong and solid body. My smile is uncontrollable as he draws back to look at me.

“For a first time kisser, that was pretty damn good.”

I want to say something witty like Youtube tutorials can actually teach you anything” but on second thought, I think a less honest approach is the way to go.

I would like to this I didn’t look this stupid. But there is a 90% chance I did.

Please note, that the video I linked isn’t the actually video that I watched to learn how to kiss, (yes, this is a true story) but the one I’ve linked his hilarious. Defiantly worth a giggle.

So that’s my first kiss. If you liked that then I can assure you you’ll love the rest of that chapter. Keep an eye for ‘Second Time Lucky’ being released in February and ‘At First You Don’t Succeed’ being released in January by ‘Tercio Publishing’.  Watch this space!

I’d love any feedback you may have. As a new writer, any advice from anyone is useful. Hit the ‘Leave a comment’ button bellow and don’t forget to add your six sentence link to the comment so I can read yours.

Blake. xxx



  1. jessielansdel

    Wow! The things one can learn on YouTube these days. 😀 Great Six. Unfortunately the weather is playing havoc with my Internet so I’ll try watching video later. Thanks for the morning giggle.

  2. J.M. Blackman

    Lovely details, great pacing and well placed dialogue. I really enjoyed this snippet. I’ve no constructive criticism as this is well written. Nicely done, Blake.

  3. Kate Meader

    Very nice details here, Blake. You asked for advice and I’d make a mention of one thing. Try eliminating filter words like “I feel” where possible. It brings your reader closer to the character’s POV. So your sentence would instead read: …but my body surrenders to what is happening as his right hand wraps…
    Just a thought!

  4. C.C. Williams

    Ahh, the first time… gotta love it! Cute 6, Blake!

    (PS: great advice from Kate–you always want the reader right in with the action, not set apart. 😉 )


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