So I have a new website..

Yes sir ye-bob! Click here to view it!

A more professional website for the series; a place where you can view all the trailers/parts that are available and of course the latest news on the series. check it out kids! xx


#1: At first you don’t succeed.


Legit. This has happened. I have a book. A real eBook.

Check it out kids. Let me know what you think.

Blake. xx

Mr Perfect’s Apprentice – #1 – At first you don’t succeed
by Dylan Henry

Mr Perfect’s Apprentice follows the Sex and the City-style adventures of Mr Blake Pritchard – a 19 year-old optimist who’s ingratiating himself with the lane ways, razzle-dazzle and café culture of Melbourne, Australia, with wide-eyed enthusiasm after breaking free of his sheltered upbringing in the country.

Through, readers witness Blake’s embracing of his new found homosexuality and his fervent attempts to meet his own Prince Charming and live with happily ever after.

With the release of the first eEp in the series – At First You Don’t Succeed – Blake undertakes one of the more awkward scenarios experienced by young (and not-so young) adults: the first date. In consecutive eEps released every two months on an ongoing basis, Blake tackles a new ‘issue’ on his personal journey to becoming Mr Perfect for Mr Right – everything from coming out to his parents and first fumbling sexual encounters to darker issues such as dealing with a broken heart and thehomophobia of others.

Mr Blake Pritchard is the creation of dancer-turned-writer Dylan Henry who, at only 20 years of age himself, takes his acute observations of the world to give Blake life beyond the author’s experiences. Blake displays the kind of boy-next-door quality that makes him relatable toboth male and females alike – regardless of sexual orientation – and expresses himself with an honesty that belies his tender age.

Jump on the Blake bandwagon right from the beginning with the first eInstalment, At First You Don’t Succeed, and fasten your seatbelts… It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.


6 days to go.

Hey world wide web.

For those of you that have been following me, you’ll know that something special is happening in 6 days. Only my ‘mother-flippin’ series is being launched. What of it.

So to celebrate the 6 day count down, I thought I’d give you a little sneek peek into the filming for the ‘video snippets’. We’ve got Melbournes most talented actors making these characters come alive for you, so you can both read and see this eBook. Crazy right. I can’t wait to give you guys the trailer.

Maybe that will be coming tomorrow?

Talk soon kids. Blake xxx

Filming for part 1 ' At first you don't succeed'

Filming for part 1 ‘ At first you don’t succeed’


Mr Perfect’s Apprentice

Mr Perfect's Apprentice - At first you don't succeed.

I’m so flippin’ excited to show you the (VERY FIRST) cover in the ‘Mr Perfect’s Apprentice’ eSeries!

The first part ‘At first you don’t succeed’ is an introduction to Blake and the world around him. I hope you’ll join me for this crazy-gay adventure.

Launching 13/02/13.

Sorry I haven’t updated this in a while…

It’s been a crazy month. 


I’m not going to give away to much right now because I’m going to have something really exciting to show you by the end of this week. 

I’ll give you a hint: Book. Cover. 
So I’m really bad at giving hints. It’s my book cover. We had the photo shoot today with the fabulous Justin, and it’s going to be fucking fantastic. As you can probably pick up, I’m flippin’ excited. 

And then the launch on February 13th. I’ll have more details for you all by the end of the week, I promise! Sorry I can’t give away ALL the information right now. But good things come to those who wait. And let me tell you, this is worth the wait. 

This is publishing like you’ve never seen it before.


Blake xx

A Christmas Fantasy…

Tomorrow (Christmas day) will consist of my spinster Aunt and myself watching Christmas films over a crap lode of food/drink/and tissues. One day it won’t be like this.


One day, this will be my Christmas morning:


I’ll wake up at 9am with my head laying on his chest (in the same position I fell asleep in) with his arm wrapped around my body. It will be our first Christmas together, so I’ve got to make it a special one.

I’ll sneak out, (without disturbing his slumber), to get the Croissants ready for him when it does indeed wake. I’ll  get his coffee ready –  just the way he likes it. Strong with one sugar. Once everything is ready (and because I’m so impatient) I’ll get back into bed to slowly wake him up. I can do the whole ‘fake wake up’. You know – pretending to be restless sleeping when really your just pushing/kicking (softy) so they’ll wake up as naturally as possible. The kicking was natural.. right?.

He’ll greet me with a smile.

‘Merry Christmas Blake’ is what he’ll say, as he kisses my lips. He has morning breath but it i couldn’t care less. I’m going to act dumb and selfish, telling him that he should go make me a cup of tea before we get up. This is (of course) a ploy to get him to see the beautiful breakfast I’ve already laid out for him in the kitchen.

As he see’s it, he laughs almost as if he was expecting it. This is such a ‘Blake’ thing to do. I join him (just in my PJ bottoms and Robe) for a delicious breakfast with the man I love. Every time I look into his eyes, it’s as if the universe is reminding me that I am the luckiest guy alive…


I’ll leave it there for now guys… This is of course my Christmas fantasy which you can read in my series ‘Mr Perfect’s Apprentice’ being released in early 2013.

Merry Christmas everyone. I love you all. xxx

What is the edict when you see a cute guy?

What is the edict when you see a cute guy?

In all seriousness.. What is the edict? How does one politely say..

“Excuse me, but you had the most delicious face I’ve seen all day.” without sounding like an absolute creep.

Personally, if someone said that to me, I’d be so flattered but I wouldn’t want to persist their attention. On the contrary, I think i’d be walking away in the opposite direction as fast as I possibly can.

That is unless the person who has just given you the compliment is of extreme cuteness, then a conversation and dinner (*cough Sex *cough) is warranted.

What do you do? Act cool and hope they notice you for all your inner beauty? Or do you bluntly say “I’d very much like to have sex with you” and pray they find you equally as attractive.

Six Sentence Sunday 16th of December

Another Sunday. Another six. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Oh yeah. Please don’t judge me on this action, I was extremely pissed off and didn’t want to (well, I wanted to but chose not to) hurt the guy. I just thought destroying the one thing that he as constantly glued to his hand would.. teach him a lesson.

It was the same patronising face he pulled the first time we met all those years ago. Straight away I knew, whatever connection we had the other night, (whatever that was), it had obviously meant nothing to him. 

“Blake, why bitchy face? We’re just having a bit of fun”

I’m to angry for words. Being the fucking idiot that he is, he’s left his phone on the bar counter while he sucks face with the whore he met two minutes ago.

Once he turns around he’ll find me gone, with his phone in my full glass of wine. I too can have a bit of fun. 

As always, comments and feedback is welcomed. Please check out some talented and wonderful writers work here at ‘Six Sentence Sunday’.

Muchos love xx